Action Replay “Powersaves Pro 3DS” Review

Hello everyone! I thought it was time for a change so instead of a video I decided I would do a simple write up on a product I just purchased for my Nintendo 3DS. I took a chance and purchased Datel’s Action Replay Powersaves Pro 3DS from Amazon.

Powesaves Pro 3DS

Powesaves Pro 3DS

Action Replay Powersaves Pro 3DS

I have used various cheat devices for years, starting way back when with the Game Genie by Galoob for NES. After beating a game over and over it was fun to play the game with cheats and experience “Infinite Lives” or other game breaking cheats. It really spiced up a game after I got bored with it. Recently I was checking out some of the cool Pokemon Creator apps that are on the Google Play and IOS stores and thought it would be cool to be able to create my Pokemon without hours of training them. I love Pokemon but I just don’t have the time to stick into that I used to. That’s where the Action Replay Powersaves comes in.

I purchased my unit on Amazon for around $16 prime. It was here in two days and I was excited to get started. The unit itself is essentially a tiny 3DS game slot that plugs into your computer with a USB cable (Included). That’s right, this requires a PC to use! There is a small card inside the packaging with the serial number that you need to access the unit. You also need to sign up and create an account with an email that gets tied to that serial. You can download the software from the company site. Powersaves 3DS software has links for both Mac and PC software which is great because this type of thing is usually only for Windows.

Powersaves 3DS in Action

Powersaves 3DS with Pokémon Omega Ruby

Once you install the software and launch it, you will be asked to log in and provide the serial from the paper inside the packaging. Log in and insert the game you want to modify and the cheat code menu will show up. From there you can choose any of the cheats you want to apply. Once you apply there will be a progress bar and once it’s saved you are good to remove the cart and put it back into your 3DS. Please note, whatever you do with the Powersaves Pro is PERMANENT to your save file. What’s different about this device is that it modifies your save file. Old school devices like Gameshark or Game Genie worked by modifying the game while it was live and in action. This allowed for things like infinite lives or invincibility. You won’t find cheats like those here. This device looks at your save file and modifies it…hence the “Powersaves” title. What this WILL do however is allow you to change around what you’ve unlocked and earned in game. For example with Pokemon ORAS (I have Ruby), I was able to give myself infinite berries and other items (Rare Candy, Protein, Carbos). This made creating new Pokemon so much faster and easier. Here are some of the cheats I used on Pokemon Omega Ruby:

  • x999 Rare Candy
  • Have all Tool Items
  • Have x999 of all Berries
  • Have all TMs and HMs
  • Max IV’s for Pokemon in Box 1, Slot 1
  • Fast egg hatching

To sum it all up, I thought the Powersaves Pro 3DS is an awesome device. For the price you get a lot of cool features and you can play some of your favorite Nintendo 3DS games in a way you couldn’t before. It’s easy to use and I had it up and running in 5 minutes. I highly suggest you check it out if you want to try something  a litter different and breathe some new life into some old games.


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