Wave 5 Amiibo Smash Releases! TG Spotlight!


Hey guys- Today I wanted to take a quick minute to give a short review on the Wave 5 Amiibo collection! I’ve been following the Amiibo collection for a little while now and I have a few still in boxes, and a few are sitting on my desk. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the new wave of amiibos I’ve been gathering info on the net for the last few days and this is a compilation of what I’ve found. Nothing big but maybe it could help a few of you Amiibo hunters out there!

Wave 5 consists of the following Nintendo Characters:

  • Bowser Jr.
  • Zero Suit Samus
  • Captain Olimar
  • Dr. Mario
  • Ganondorf
  • Dark Pit
  • Palutena
  • Jigglypuff


That being said, I get the feeling that this might be a set with more rarity than the other Amiibos. Usually the rarest Amiibo’s are the characters that are not major players. This mix seems to be characters that are not super prominent in Nintendo’s roster.

bowserjr amiibocaptain olimar amiibo dark Pit Amiibo drmario amiibo ganon amiibo palutena amiibo zero suit samus amiibo jigglypuff amiibo




















These guys definitely look very cool! Below is a list of the Amazon Links to find them EARLY. These are often the Japanese verions because they come out first…

Nintendo amiibo Super Smash Bros. – Paltena (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)

Nintendo amiibo Super Smash Bros. – Ganondorf (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)

Nintendo amiibo Super Smash Bros. – zero suit samus (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)

Amiibo Jigglypuff (Super Smash Brothers Series)

Nintendo amiibo Super Smash Bros. – Dark Pit (Nintendo Wii U/3DS)


Expected release date is July! So keep an eye on Gamestop.com, Amazon.com and Reddit!

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